Welcome to the Skidder Shop

Nestled in the Endless Mountains of North East Pennsylvania, Horlacher & Sherwood Inc. “The Skidder Shop” has supplied equipment, parts, and repair service to the forestry industry for over 40 years. With the recent development of natural gas throughout the United States, we have been providing the same high quality care and service that made us successful to many of the natural gas drilling companies and independent contractors. Since natural gas exploration and extraction first started in the Marcellus Shale Region we have provided parts, service, and equipment to meet the needs of these new customers. We are proud to assist the forestry and natural gas industries as they continue to grow and prosper. As they flourish, we at Horlacher and Sherwood Inc. will strive to expand and adapt to the ever changing demands of each industry. We look forward to meeting the challenges that those industries bring. Welcome to the “The Skidder Shop”.